Why Project Democracy? (DimasoLab)

Why Project Democracy (#PDemocracy)? Because we talk about: right to information and consultation and the right to know. From the recovery of the social pillar of the European project and the essence of the idea of ¡Social! Economy In the Treaty on European Union and in certain constitutions (Germany, Spain, etc.). The European Social Charter. From the need to renew or update a new social contract. From protection to whistleblowers …. We act along the socio-political side of our trade union action.

The regulatory involution that we live in is related to the resistance to the advance of some key indicators indispensable for the fight against the advance of the inequality. Again, the phrase-icon «Inequality Dissolves Democracy», which we used in the diffusion of our other key project, focused on the evaluation and action against inequality in and from companies (#RSequidad). A violent reaction against a possible European regulation or of instances like the SEC (Security Echange Commission and the history of the indicator on inequality obtained to a great extent by the pressure of the union ACL-CIO)


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