Sustanibilty – Corporate Transparency : ¿What is essential?

‘Talk’ proyect – Alliance for Corporate TransparencyISTAS. See also response to the last European consultation on non-financial reporting , here

What is essential  is to have relevant and synthetic key performance indicators. At least, the following 5 indicators should be included among these.

  • – Total workforce of each company and  a ‘map’ of that workforce.
  • – Inequality (equity) footprint.
  • – Tax footprint
  • – Environmental footprint (carbon footprint as the main reference…)
  • – Managing change – just transition

Apart from this, we handle a list of  union indicators for the  analysis of NFIR reports ( 30 indicators that are  also attached).

The origin of this list is the work started  many years ago , by José Carlos ( Federación de Servicios CCOO).  He was in charge  for an exhaustive work of elaboration of KPIs in the framework of the Spanish State Council of CSR ( if you are interested in it, he can facilitate it to you, although it is in Spanish).Then this list was worked and perfected with our partners in the CENOFIA project, obtaining the final version that I´m attaching in this email.

Regarding the verification process, apart from the comments and contributions we make to the document that you sent us, we think that the fact that the verification is only linked to «groups of experts» and verifiers can represent a risk for the reliability and credibility of the transparency system. The existing ambiguity and the practical outcome of the concepts of «stakeholders» and «materiality», for example, contribute to this. That is why we advocate the inclusion of workers  representatives  in the «social audit» process of sustainability reporting.

We would also like to stress the importance we attach to the indicator of a company’s Fiscal Footprint. The Spanish law on NFI (Law 11/2018) has included a section entitled «Information on the company/corporation» which includes «profits obtained and payment of company taxes, by country, although the important figure of Tax rate of real paid company taxation  has been omitted.

We value very positively your section on Transparency of corporate relationships, since it includes the question of ‘Real Ownership’ and a mention of our claimed «MAP on the structure of company ownership» (Structure and ownership of subsidiaries).  In fact, it would correspond to an even broader issue: the creation and distribution of value.

This point should be reinforced by our Tax Footprint proposal outlined in the previous point.

(Esta es mi opinión sobre una de las consultas del proyecto TALK y ha sido asumida y enviada por el equipo de ISTAS que trabaja en el proyecto junto a la Alliance for Corporate Transparency) @jcarlosgonz

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